Dr. Claudio Missaglia - Proctologo

Dr. Claudio Missaglia - Proctologo

cademic curriculum

Spec. Hospital in General Surgery (5 yrs)
“National School of Hospital Surgery”, Dr. V. Pezzangora, Mestre hospital

Specialization in COLON PROCTOLOGY (duration 2 years)
University of Marseille Medicine, prof. Jean Claude Sarles
Specialization thesis: “treatment of hemorrhoids using band ligation sec. Barron ”

Specialization in General Surgery, Emergency address (70/70 + praise)
University of Verona, Faculty of Medicine and Surgery
Specialization thesis: “syndrome perineum Descending”

Member of the Order of the Surgeons and Dentists of Venice

Qualification to the Profession Degree in Medicine and Surgery (100/110)
University of Padua, Faculty of Medicine and Surgery
Thesis: “Role autograft Splenic in splenic trauma”

Hospital experiences

Advice for training “center of excellence in Coloproctology” Nursing Home “Madre Fortunata Toniolo” Bologna
House Eretenia Care, Vicenza
Help of the Division of General Surgery
House Eretenia Care, Vicenza
Head of the Colon proctology Service
Nursing Home Villa Bianca, Trento
I Managing ° Health Level – Division General Surgery
Marostica Hospital (VI) and Bassano del Grappa Hospital (VI)
Team of Vascular Surgery, prof. Mauro Frego
Division of Surgery Ist dell’O.C. Umberto I ° of Mestre (VE)
Physician assistant
Division of Surgery Ist dell’O.C. Umberto I ° of Mestre (VE)
Frequentatore student
Division of Surgery Ist dell’O.C. Umberto I ° of Mestre (VE)

Casuistry operative

approximately 11850 interventions of General Surgery and Coloproctology 4640
between First and Second Operator has performed 11,850 interventions of General Surgery
50 interventions on Colon
emicolectomie divided between left and right, total colectomy, abdominal-perineal amputation, Hartman, etc
150 Gallbladder / year until 12.2013
operations performed annually, with VLS technique
700 interventions Minor Surgery
as incisional hernias, hernias, varicose veins, etc.
250 Starr and 3R / year
about 50 Transtarr performed
80-100 interventions Proctologica Minor Surgery / year
operations performed annually, which fistulectomie, removal of anal fissures, polypectomy, etc.
interventions LONGO 1370 with PPH 01-03 (video)
interventions THD: 165
interventions STARR: 210 with PPH 01 (video)
interventions TRANSTARR: 50 with CCS (video)
interventions STARR / 3R: 670 with HEEA (video)
The annual number of interventions of General Surgery performed by Dr.. Claudio Missaglia as First or Second Operator, at the House of Eretenia Care, amounted up to 12.2013 in 1100. The surgical intervention nimero in coloproctology ‘of about 30/350 per year, to date, with an annual increase of 10-15%

Scientific publications

23 Scientific works as an author and many in the field Abstract Surgical
Last pub .: “Starr versus Transtarr: follow-up to 1-2 years”, “SURGICAL INNOVATION” / 06.2012
Further work in publishing
– The first 300 cases of Starr
– Starr 2 PPH01 Stapler vs. Starr (3R) 1 HEEA Stapler
– The first 100 cases of 3R with 1 HEEA
– First 150 cases of Starr 2 HEEA
– Checklist for 3R operations (staff and innovative publication)

Membership associations

S.I.C. / Italian Society of Surgery
S.I.U.C.P. / Italian Unitarian Society of Colon proctology
S.I.C.C.R. / Italian Society of Colo-Rectal Surgery
The Dott. Claudio Missaglia is from 2010 OPINION LEADER for COVIDIEN group

Update courses

participation “26th Congress of Digestive Surgery” ACIT (technological Italian Surgical Association), Rome.
Retraining “BLSD – Basic Life Support – -Defibrillation” Vicenza
Expert panel “New approaches in Proctologica Surgery. Recent techniques for the treatment of prolapse and use of staplers high – volume in surgical practice “Vicenza
Regional Programme for continuing education of the professionals of Health “medical scientific communication in English Language – Level 4 C”
“Live Surgery – 5th Course Live surgery for surgeons” Roma
National conference “The future, the young surgeons
Awarded License DHCC (Dubai healthcare Center) to practice as medical specialist – -General Surgery Dubai EU
Training Course “THD: Mini – invasive surgery for the treatment of haemorrhoids and Gate Keeper day Surgery”. Verona
Participation in the work of the meeting “Innovation and new ideas: The beautiful country and the East meet. Pasato, present and future. “Castello di Carimate (CO)
23rd Annual International Colorectal Disease Symposium and 33rd Annula Turnbull Symposium Mariott Harbor Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Freq. Hospital for Update in Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery
“Dip. General Surgery and Videosurgery “, Dr. Charles A. Sartori, Castelfranco Veneto (TV)
Workshop on Colorectal Surgery, “Training Center Elancourt”, Versailles, Paris, France
24th Advanced Course in Laparoscopic Surgery 2010
“Dip. General Surgery and Videosurgery “, Dr. Charles A. Sartori, Castelfranco Veneto (TV)
Advanced Course in Laparoscopic Colorectal Surgery, “European Training Center”, Hamburg, Germany
During a conversation Annual Medical and Scientific (in English), Canterbury School VI
II postgraduated course ‘Current trends in Colon and Rectal Surgery’
Second University of Naples & amp; George Washington University
Videolaparoscopiche techniques in the treatment of Ernie Inguinal, Update

Language skills

ITALIAN Mother tongue
ENGLISH Comprehension – B2 Spoken – Written B2 – B2
FRENCH Comprehension – B2 Spoken – Written B2 – B2

Conferences and seminars

nr.05 of Coloproctology courses for surgeons Europeans Specialists
under patronage COVIDIEN, at the Eretenia Nursing Home, Vicenza
nr.02 of coloproctology courses for surgeons at the Specialists’ Hospital of Taormina Sicily. under patronage COVIDIEN
Rapporteur ‘Moving trends and multi-specialists: proposals and considerations “Vicenza. Order of Surgeons and Dentists.
In quality ‘a speaker “Blocked Defecation Syndrome and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction” regional meeting Treviglio
In quality ‘of a speaker at the meeting “staplers high – volume: what changes in clinical practice of proctologist surgeon? Discussion among experts. “Milan
In quality ‘of the Speaker at the 25th congress of the digestive surgery ACIT Rome
nr.04 of coloproctology courses for surgeons Europeans Specialists
under patronage COVIDIEN, at the Eretenia Nursing Home, Vicenza
nr.02 of coloproctology courses for surgeons specialists in the hospitals of Lentini and Ragusa Sicily. under patronage COVIDIEN
Participation in the Expert Panel “stapling inproctology state of art: TST STARR +” VII National Congress SIUCP Rome
presentation of two scientific papers at Cleveland Clinic Florida, Ft. Lauderdale 23 th Annual International Colorectal Disease Symposium and 33rd Turnbull Symposium
– “Regulated Stapler transanal rectal resection with double PPH01 stapler vs singular HEEA stapler for Haemorroids and ODS (obstructed defecation syndrome)”
– “3R (regulated rectum resection with parachute)”
nr.02 of coloproctology courses for surgeons Europeans Specialists
under patronage COVIDIEN, at the Eretenia Nursing Home, Vicenza
Monotematica day Update in Coloproctology, Rome
4 th World Congress “Coloproctology and Pelvic Diseases”
involvement with the scientific work “3R (adjusted rectal resection) – STARR 1 HEEA”
30th National Congress A.C.O.I. (Italian Hospital Surgeons Association)
Follow-up meeting for use of HEEA Stapler, Rome
Teaching “Rectal Prolapse Surgery with Stapler”, the Eretenia Nursing Home, Vicenza
nr.03 of coloproctology courses for surgeons Europeans Specialists
under patronage COVIDIEN, at the Eretenia Nursing Home, Vicenza
Teaching “Fecal Incontinence” and “News in the Haemorroides and ODS therapy”
to general practitioners in “Govedì” Order at the Vicenza Provincial Order
Starr with PPH01 vs. Starr contour CCS30 Transtar for ODS therapy
6th National Congress S.I.U.C.P., Naples
Lecture “Use of New Device (HEEA Stapler) in rectal prolapse therapy”,
House Eretenia Care, Vicenza
Meeting “countur Transtarr: a breakthrough in the treatment of prolapse”, Gazzada (Varese)
Instructors activities “Sacral Neuromodulation”, House Eretenia Care, Vicenza
Opinion Leader for COVIDIEN
3rd World Congress “Coloproctology and Pelvic Diseases” and 5th National Conference S.I.U.C.P., Rome
Consensus Council for Haemorrhoidopexy, Versailles, Paris, France
2009 Drafted Technical Guidelines for Surgical COVIDIEN
Guidelines on Emorroiopessi, to Alancour, along with 8 selected surgeons in the world.

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